Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!!!

I am so excited to get blogging about POLISH!!! :D My friend Jamie over at Nails Adored opened my eyes to the nail polish community a few months ago and it was love at first sight for me! I'm Jacqueline and I stay at home with my 4 adorable princesses ages 5,4,2, and 1.

Well let's get onto my first mani!!! I ordered from Cult Nails not too long ago and I picked up My kind of cool aid and let me tell you it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! It has to be one of my most favorite polishes I have in my collection (which is almost at 200! YAY!). The formula, colors, and subtle silver glitter is all so perfect! Everytime I put it on I always think about different stamps I want to try so I gave it a go today and here is what I came up with.

I used Cult Nails My kind of cool aid for the base and stamped (red angel plate RA109) using Wet N Wild Fast Dry Ebony hates chris.

I plan on updating very frequently so be on the lookout for more from me! ;)